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Two social media threats in two days alarm CCISD officials

Posted at 6:31 PM, May 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-22 19:37:38-04

Two alarming social media threats in less than 48-hours have CCISD parents, teachers and students on edge.

Veterans Memorial High School was placed on lockdown yesterday for an hour because of a video that was posted on Snapchat.

And today, extra patrol was called to Ray High School because of a post on Facebook.

No charges have been filed and no arrest has been made following today’s incident at Ray. That’s because police were never able to find an original threatening post.

And they say today’s school scare was basically a huge game of telephone.

Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Snapchat.

The apps some teenagers spend hours scrolling through every day.

Police say they sometimes play a huge role in unnecessary panic.

Ray High School students say a post was circulating online about someone threatening to come to the campus with an AR-15 weapon.

After looking into the threat, CCISD police weren’t able to find an original post or anything substantial online.

“We couldn’t find anything that would stick,” Corpus Christi Independent School District police chief Kirby Warnke said. “Nothing that we could confirm. No original posting, so it was kind of just like a social media string that just kept perpetuating itself.”

Police backup was sent to Ray High School for precaution.

We also spoke to students who say their parents made them stay home for the first few periods of the day until it was decided that there was no legitimate threat.

CCISD police will still have additional patrol officers at campuses this week to ensure the safety of students.

And we’ve learned the name of the former Veterans Memorial High School student charged with making a terroristic threat and unlawful carry of a weapon on Tuesday.

He’s 17-year-old Joshua Charles, who is still in custody at the Nueces County Jail.

Police say he posted a video of someone driving past Veterans Memorial with a pistol in their lap with a vulgar, threatening message.

That prompted an hour-long lockdown of the school yesterday.

Former Veterans Memorial High School student Joshua Charles, 17, remains in Nueces County Jail after being charged with making a terroristic threat and unlawful carry of a weapon on Tuesday.