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Corpus Christi Fire Department reactivating  Fire Explorer program 

Posted at 6:48 AM, May 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-22 07:56:41-04

After a few years on hiatus, the Corpus Christi Fire Department is reactivating its Fire Explorer program.

Under the broad umbrella of the Scouts BSA, Explorer curriculum are nationally recognized as rudimentary programs that prepare teenagers for careers in emergency response.

The program is just in the early stages of development, but it’s on the right path to finding future firefighters.

This new Explorers program will give area youth ages 14 to 20 the chance to learn about firefighting through classroom teaching and hands-on training.

“We are trying to expose the youth of our community to the fire services, to the EMS and fire industries, and just give them opportunities to learn about the Corpus Christi Fire Department,” said Firefighter 2/EMT-P Frank Funke.

Classes start next month and will meet twice a month, covering all aspects of a firefighter and EMT’s job.

“Come and check out our program, try it out for a couple of meetings. Come see what we do, get some training, do some search and rescue drills, put on some bunker gear, spray some water with us, and come learn what the fire department does at every station, and see if you like it,” said Funke.

The Explorers are accepting applications and encourage both males and females to enroll.

“These are opportunities for them to learn about skills, just general life skills that some youth may not be able to be exposed to. It is something we can provide them,” said Funke.

The Explorer Post 343 Program will do much more than promote fire fighting and fire safety – it will provide a glimpse inside of their futures.

“It is a great opportunity to give back, and I know a lot of members of the fire department want to give back as well to our community. I just think it is a great opportunity for us to educate some of the youth and get them on board. Let’s recruit them and get them in the Corpus Christi Fire Department is the end goal,” said Funke.

It’s more than just textbook learning for these Explorers, it’s hands-on learning as well, taking them inside of real-life experiences.

The program is sponsored by the Corpus Christi Fire Department and affiliated with Texas EMS Academy, Del Mar College Fire and EMS programs, along with the Scouts BSA organization.

The goal is that the Explorer Post will train to compete in the various competitions presented at the local, regional, state, and national levels. The competitions put the team members in various real-life emergency scenarios.

The annual enrollment fee is $34.00.

For more information contact Frank Funke 361-255-8160.