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Ezekiel Elliott involved in fracas at Las Vegas music festival

Posted at 2:04 PM, May 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-20 15:04:15-04

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was handcuffed at the EDC Music Festival in Las Vegas over the weekend after he allegedly shoved a security guard to the ground. reports that Elliott was spotted in the parking lot at the Electric Daisy Carnival about 3 a.m. Saturday arguing with his girlfriend.

Video shows that Elliott never puts his hands on the woman, but uses his body to block her from walking away several times during the argument.

A short time later, Zeke and the woman are seen speaking with event staffers — when suddenly Elliott confronts one them and says, “You got something to say!?”

Zeke gets in the staffer’s face and uses his body to shove the guy backward until the staffer hits a metal gate. And that’s when Zeke uses his forearm to shove the guy to the ground like he does to NFL linebackers on a routine basis in his playing career.

His attorney, Frank Salzano tells TMZ says that Elliott was NOT formally arrested (only detained) and claims the whole fracas is much ado about nothing.

Salzano adds that Elliott was back in Dallas on Sunday to work with his youth camp.

That could well be the case. But even without an official arrest, Elliott could face some kind of NFL-imposed discipline if they find out his actions violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

The league investigated Elliott in 2017 over allegations he physically abused an ex-girlfriend. Even though Elliott wasn’t arrested at that time, either, the league believed there was enough evidence present to warrant a 6-game suspension for him.

Elliott has repeatedly maintained he did not attack the accuser in that situation.

Even if he’s proven innocent of the Las Vegas incident, it’s still not a good look for Elliott.

And it might make some wonder if he really learned a lesson after his first NFL suspension.