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Port Aransas council mulls future of market days

Posted at 12:43 PM, May 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-16 18:44:09-04


With more than 3,000 visitors in both April and May, the Port Aransas Market Days brings in a lot of foot traffic.

However, the Port Aransas City Council has recently decided to “pump the brakes” on market days during the summer season.

When market days first began, it was originally a farmer’s market type of event.

It now features mostly handcrafted goods, clothing and other items like that.

That’s why the Port Aransas City Council has decided to cancel the June market days event.

They feel it has strayed from its original concept.

With more than 60 vendors already planning on coming out to Roberts Point Park for the June event, saying the community isn’t happy is an understatement.