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Kaffie middle school named AVID National Demonstration School 

Posted at 6:29 AM, May 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-16 07:29:29-04

There are more than 7,000 AVID programs across the country with more than 2 million students.

Earlier this month, Kaffie Middle School, who is one of only two schools in the city to have the AVID program, was recognized.

Kaffie Middle School became the second school in CCISD out of 180 schools in the nation to be named an AVID National  Demonstration School.

Kaffie Middle School has been named an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) National Demonstration School, reflecting its thriving college-going culture and strong academic curriculum.

“Now that we have earned a designation, Kaffie Middle School has actually become a teaching and learning center for other schools in Corpus Christi. So any school that is interested in AVID who wants to see what AVID looks like, or they are interested in offering the AVID elective, we will have showcases here and invite other schools and representatives to come see our classrooms and our students,” said Kaffie Middle School Principal Dr. Jamie Copeland.

This national program helps students with their studies and gives them a glimpse into what life would be like as a college student.

“It is a great program. You get to learn a lot, meet new friends, and get to learn about your careers and what you my plan to do in the future,” said AVID 7 grade student Eric Rodriguez.

“It is only for people who really want to work hard, but if you are willing to learn about college and work hard then this is definitely the program for you,” said AVID 7 grade student Tyler Bindel.

The aim is to teach students how to take effective notes, how to study, critically think about subject matter and organize and manage time, among other things.

“AVID is valuable because it closes the achievement gap, and it really prepares students for college and anything they seek in the future. It really prepares to be successful in any route they take, it gives them great study skills, organization, has them take leadership roles in their classes, and anything they are involved in, in school or out of school,” said Copeland.

AVID is a global college readiness program that preps kids for higher education with interpersonal communication skills and studying tools.

“You can see AVID elements in every classroom you visit, and not only the AVID classroom and our core classes, but even our electives classes. They take these best strategies, these best practice strategies and implement them throughout their instruction,” said Copeland.

AVID classrooms are different than most others because students lead discussions, and the goal is to better prepare students for the challenges they’ll face in college.

Kaffie Middle School will serve as a model for other schools and districts that are interested in implementing AVID, which narrows the achievement gap between the lowest- and highest-performing students and ensures more students enroll in four-year colleges.

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