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Give your mom something unique this year for Mother’s Day

Posted at 6:04 AM, May 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-09 07:54:13-04

The Better Business Bureau says, this year consumers will spend $2.6 billion dollars on flowers for Mother’s Day. But, what if you chose to get your mom something different? We all love flowers, but maybe a unique spin to the bouquet of flowers would be a nice gesture.

Russian native, Julia Prokhorova, says this style of arrangements are fairly common in Russia, but a more simpler style. “I wanted to bring it more to art level, to make it look more unique,” she says.

Prokhorova says when she searched around she didn’t see any of these kind of arrangements in Corpus Christi. She was looking to do something while living in town, and decided to start making arrangements, coming up with Wild Veggie Bouquet in 2016.

To make these veggie bouquets as fresh as possible, Prokhorova works out of her commercial kitchen and even grows her own herbs, as well as searches for the best produce at local markets. “Whenever I have a vision of what I’m doing, I go everywhere,” says Prokhorova. “Some rare vegetables, for example purple cauliflauer, it’s available at sprouts. Or when I need certain looking apples, the best place for them is HEB.”

Prokhorova makes personalized arrangements for special occasions and hopes to continue giving happiness through her arrangements.

Wild Veggie Bouquet also holds workshops for flower arrangements.

You can find more information the Wild Veggie Bouquet Instagram


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