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Incarnate Word Academy stages its annual Living Wax Museum

Posted at 6:16 PM, May 07, 2019

Incarnate Word Academy and its fifth-grade class welcomed visitors to take a trip back in time for a lesson in American History.

With help from some friendly faces from the past, the lesson was brought to life.

“She inspired me because I want to be a writer,” said fifth-grader Samantha Nerios about her idol Margaret Fuller.

Since January, Incarnate Word Academy fifth-graders have been working hard towards their annual Living Wax Museum project.

All 31 students got to choose their favorite American icon. And with the touch of a button, they go into character.

“They come to you, they press a button that’s on your hand and then you speak a little speech,” said Elizabeth Janak who portrayed St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. “If they ask you questions, you don’t answer because you’re a wax figure.”

Leighton Lawhon portrayed Henrietta King.

“My name is Henrietta King,” she said. “I was born July 1, 1832, in Missouri. When I was 16, I was shipped to boarding school, where I studied math and music.”

The elementary students chose their characters from the 1700s through 1900s for the two-hour event, based off shared passions or because they considered them role models.

“She never gave up and she just like …. She was always outgoing and she never quit and she was just inspirational,” said Madison Jennings, who portrayed Selena Quintanilla.

Maddox Boyd assumed the persona of Desmond Doss.

“He was just an interesting person, and I was watching the movie and just thought it would be a good wax museum project,” Boyd said.

IWA’s kindergarten through fourth-grade students got to listen to today’s presentations.

And without a doubt, they are already looking forward to their turn.