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Taft Animal Control would like your vote

Posted at 4:52 AM, Apr 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-30 11:39:21-04


Most animal shelters have a certain budget to stem from. According to Taft Animal Control Supervisor, Kayla Denney, it’s normal for most small towns to not have a big budget for the local animal shelters. Which is why she is fighting to win $25,000 in a national competition.

A year ago, Kayla Denney was working at a desk job as an accountant. Today, she does every job with the Taft Animal Control, because she is the only employee. With her passion and love for animals, Denney worked to make the 6-kennel Taft Animal Shelter a no-kill facility. Since her start date in November, Denney has become 100% no-kill saving over 500 animals. But she can only continue to be no-kill with funding and a proper facility to house animals.

Denney currently has no running water on the property. Washing dishes from a water cooler outside, using only hoses for any water needed. Laundry is done outside with a washer, but with the lack of plumbing, the washer drains to the back fields. Denney says they recently got some electricity but there’s no air conditioning for the animals or anywhere within the facilities. There is also no restrooms or sinks available. The facility grounds also has no fence to keep animals and people in or out.

Despite the odds Denney is facing, her hard work has not gone unnoticed. She was nominated for the Petco Foundation Unsung Heroes Award in February. She was initially awarded $10,000 and has become a top 5 finalist to win another $25,000. All awarded money will go straight to the Taft Animal Control.

Denney says she would fix up all plumbing, electrical, fencing and get some kennels into their newest building for the smaller animals.

Voting for the Petco Foundation Unsung Hero ends May 6th.

You can vote for Kayla Denney here:

Denney also reaches out for more fosters and volunteers to help her efforts in saving animals in the San Patricio County. To find more info on helping the Taft Animal Control you can call/text, 361-728-3163 or email