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Brockhampton rapper live streams for ten hours on a treadmill in Corpus Christi

Posted at 9:57 PM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-27 00:02:28-04

Kevin Abstract, founder of the popular rap group “Brockhampton,” did a ten-hour live stream on a treadmill on his childhood street in Corpus Christi.

The American rapper, singer-songwriter, and director is from Corpus Christi and has had a great deal of success with the rap group Brockhampton. The live stream pulled in thousands of viewers and was meant to promote the new album that he dropped today called ARIZONA BABY.

Kevin even has a song on his new album called Corpus Christi. Beware it is NSFW.


The stream started a little after noon on Friday on Brockhampton Street, and within a short while, a crowd began to gather. He was answering certain questions, accepting compliments, and even signing some stuff for local fans as he walked on a treadmill for nearly ten hours. Every now and then he would take a break and enlist a fan to walk on the treadmill for him. People brought him food, water, and even a box fan to cool off.

The live stream is called “#THE1999” and is available to watch on Youtube.


Kevin Abstract hasn’t released a solo album since American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story in 2016.

The stream ended with close to 12,000 people watching on Youtube. Hundreds of fans of his gathered around, cheering, chanting, and singing in encouragement, as he exhaustedly dragged his feet along the treadmill in the final minutes.

After he took his final steps, he immediately collapsed onto the grass smiling in pain and accomplishment.