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Hundreds of athletes took part in the 2019 Special Olympics Spring Games

Posted at 6:52 PM, Apr 06, 2019


Approximately 450 athletes took part in the 2019 Special Olympics Spring Games.

Events included the shot put, high jump, the 100-meter dash and more.

The participants came from all over South Texas such as Robstown, Kingsville, and Premont.

Many of these athletes share that it is important to train and take care of yourself.

“We have been training on Saturday’s, every Saturday and just train hard and practice hard,” says Robert Katocs.

Some athletes were excited to compete, yet others were a little nervous. However, many knew it was time to focus.

“I feel good dieting and exercising I’ve been training since last November dieting and exercising,” says Samuel Hernandez.

Several volunteers were nearby cheering on these athletes as they all went home with either a ribbon or medal.

The next South Texas Special Olympics event will be a tennis tournament that will take place Saturday, April 13th, 2019 at the H-E-B Tennis Center.