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Inflatable six-person float provides ideal relaxing place on hot summer day

Posted at 12:03 PM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-27 13:03:40-04

The inflatable floatable craze has been picking up steam over several years.

First came flamingos and unicorns. Sam’s Club has widened its offerings this year with cool floaties like a swan and a speed boat. With an inflatable bench, room for six friends and even cupholders, these floats are ideal places to while away a hot summer day in Texas.

But the piece de resistance has just been released. reports thatFunboy has built a float that is 7 feet tall with recessed seating for six adults. It’s called the Giant Rainbow Cloud Island and provides a built-in cooler, six cupholders and a water pad entry.

The giant floatie includes a reinforced mesh base that provides a cooling foot bath that would be ideal on a hot August day in South Texas. It also has a mesh carrying bag that makes it easier to transport the float to your waterway of choice. You can then blow it up with the included pump once you are near the water.

The float is made from environmentally friendly materials and Funboy says commercial grade construction techniques were used. Each float even endures a 24-hour air test and the materials pass strict third-party lab tests before being certified for sale by the company.

“We wanted to create the largest, most luxurious, aesthetically pleasing, highest-quality, island float ever,” Celeste Barrett, creative director and co-founder of Funboy, said in a statement to

Cost of the float is $369. But split among six friends it’s barely more than $60 apiece and would provide all kinds of fun over the course of a long summer.

More information can be found on Funboy’s website, which begs to ask a question.

When do we start the cookouts and break out the sunscreen for summertime?