Gordo’s American Eats making a buzz with the industrial workers in town

Posted at 3:36 PM, Mar 22, 2019

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Chelsea Torres provides our first offering on a special place to eat tucked away on Corpus Christi’s west side. 

What once was an old deli, then a restaurant and motel, has now become one of the biggest food joints on the west side of Corpus Christi.

Gordo’s American Eats just celebrated 2 years of ongoing success.

The current owner, Manny Gutierrez, greets everyone who walks in the doors to a warm meal.

Gutierrez began his journey after the previous owner of Bibeau’s Soup Er Bowl Restaurant was ready to close its doors. That led to Gutierrez taking a leap of faith.

“We were able to get the keys, sign the papers, acquire a loan and remodel and open up, all within a matter of 20 days.”

Since then, Gutierrez took what money and plans he had to start Gordo’s American Eats. Located on the corner of Villa Drive and Baldwin Avenue, with the same exterior building that Bibeau’s had.

“People that still come in here kind of like the nostalgia of it still being Bibeau’s,” says Gutierrez.

If you’re looking for a warm home-cooked meal, Gordo’s is the place to be. With daily specials everyday, Gutierrez says their Sweet Basil Meatloaf and Turkey with dressing, are the go-to’s during the week. The turkey plate is to die for (in my opinion), and comes stocked and loaded with homemade dressing, mashed potatoes, green-bean casserole, a roll and plenty of gravy to accent the meal. Gutierrez says the most popular items, are Gordo’s burgers.

“Our Barracho Burger, it’s a half pound burger with a half pound of carne guisada, that I make,” says Gutierrez. “With cheddar cheese melted on top.”

You’ll find burgers like this as well as the Gordo’s burger and Mile-High burger that have people anxiously waiting for their next bite.

But, with an opening time of 5 a.m. you’re sure to find some familiar breakfast foods. Such as their very own ‘BOB’ or, Burger on a Bun. Gutierrez says he has had one every day for the last two years. A sausage patty, with a fried egg and american cheese sandwiched between a cheddar jalapeno sourdough bun, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Gutierrez prides himself on his location, he says he loves the people that go in there every single day. Customers range from the working mom to the blue collar worker that has limited time for lunch.

When asked to describe his restaurant in a sentence, Gutierrez had a quick reply.

“Not fast food, but good food fast,” he said with a smile.