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Newest Colonel Sanders is Robocop in wacky but believable commercial

Posted at 3:46 PM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-22 16:48:01-05

Kentucky Fried Chicken has hired a variety of people to play the role of Col. Sanders in their sometimes oft-kilter commercials.

There was a perma-tan George Hamilton. And then Ray Liotta (before his smoking cessation drug commercials). Then comedian Jim Gaffigan and even singer Reba McEntire.

But the marketers for the fried-chicken company might have outdone themselves with their latest advertising gimmick, which kinda, sorta makes sense.

Who else to protect the secret of the Colonel’s ultra-secret chicken recipe than Robocop?

You’ll remember him from his iconic 1987 film and 2014 sequel, protecting the streets of Detroit.

So after handling that job with aplomb, why wouldn’t his next assignment be to safeguard KFC’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices it employs to whip up its Original Recipe Chicken?

That’s why their new campaign features RoboCop carrying a special briefcase with an encrypted copy of the recipe from the company’s safe to a mystical place called Pionen, which KFC describes as a maximum security nuclear bunker in Stockholm run by the Swedish Internet service provider Bahnhof. It’s considered one of the most secure vaults in the world, at least according to the commercial.

The KFC version of RoboCop has streaming white hair with a matching mustache and goatee, glasses and a white dickey with a black string bow tie.

The original recipe still is in a KFC vault in an unspecified location , protected by motion detectors and cameras. It’s been there since 1970, the companytells USA Today.

“For decades, fried chicken fans have tried and failed to recreate the distinctive, sought-after taste of the Colonel’s secret recipe,” KFC U.S. chief marketing officer Andrea Zahumensky said in a statement to USA Today. “Now, if you happen to survive the apocalypse, you can still enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken. Makes perfect sense, right?”

The Robocop commercials will begin Sunday.

Watch them and try to keep from laughing.