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Blooming business expected by local florists for Valentine’s Day

Posted at 9:44 AM, Feb 11, 2019


The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend close to $20.7 billion this year on Valentine’s Day. With 16 percent going to floral shops, many local florists are preparing for the busy romantic holiday.

Always In Bloom Florists & Gifts owner Donna Titus says they’ve hired more designers, and expect to have 300 deliveries on Valentine’s Day.

“I like to call it managed chaos,” she said.

Titus says although this is the craziest time of the year for florists, she wants to make sure each arrangement is special.

“It should be, each person who receives should have something that is more catered to them,” Titus said.

Golden Petal Florist is near downtown Corpus Christi. It’s a  fairly new shop looking ahead at its third Valentine’s Day.

Owner Tyra Craig says she’s noticed more orders coming in earlier this year.

One resident, says he comes in about four to five times a year.

“Sometimes I buy flowers for my mom, sometimes I buy flowers for a special girl in my life,” says Garner Burford, who believes that giving flowers is a special gift.

“I’ve learned that most of the people I give them to, they like a gift that’s kind of live and breathing for them,” Burford said. “And they feel like it means a little more because it’s not permanent.”

KRIS 6 asked both Titus and Craig their advice on the best bouquets.

“A lot of people think roses carry a scent, and they do not,” says Craig. “Only garden roses carry scents.

“But you can have esthetics like eucalyptus, and it just gives that bouquet extra punch.”

Craig also says look for colorful roses or roses that are a little different than the traditional.

“The Explorer rose has a deep, dark, dark (color),” Craig said. “I would say like a sexy red.”

Titus says she’s noticed a different trend this year as  “we’re seeing a lot of succulents, people love succulents.”

And if you plan on doing something other than roses or the traditional Valentine’s Day bouquet, Titus says adding in Lilys, hydrangeas or tropical plants can help make a statement.

But, if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable and with a unique twist, try a different container like a hat box.

“You can bring the price down a little bit because you’re not really spending a whole lot of money on a vase and tons of greens,” Craig said.

Craig also gives some helpful advice for all men looking to impress their lady. She suggests paying attention to what your significant other’s bathroom looks like. That’ll be the color you should use for a bouquet.

Either way, both florists urge shoppers to order early and shop locally.

“It’s important to every single florist to have a very successful Valentine’s Day because it sets the tone for the rest of the year,” says Craig.

Always in Bloom and Golden Petal will remain open through Valentine’s Day for last-minute shopping on Thursday.