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Sign non-compliance at Saratoga-Cimarron intersection has police concerned

Posted at 7:21 PM, Feb 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-01 20:24:38-05

Police are concerned about some careless drivers in a work zone on a busy southside thoroughfare.

Crews are doing some utility work on Cimarron between Wooldridge and Dunbarton Oaks Street.

You really can’t miss all the warning signs and construction cones.

Even so, while some drivers see warning signs, they are not obeying them.

Traffic is already congested because of the utility work.

But when you add drivers who ignore signs like those that say “no left turn” things get really bad.

Cones, barricades and traffic signs are all over Cimarron.

Here at the intersection of Saratoga and Cimarron, you can see drivers not obeying the no left turn sign.

“If you’re in that straight line and you’re attempting to make that left hand turn, you’re going to bottleneck traffic as you wait to make your left-hand turn.”

There’s also a concern about pedestrian safety.

Drivers who make a turn where they’re not supposed to can put those pedestrians and city workers in harm’s way.

And if traffic gets really backed up, that creates the risk for a crash.

Police are taking action.

“In this case here, I’m going to notify the traffic captain of the issue out here and hopefully they can send some officers out to do some focused enforcement,” Pena said.

And if you’re caught disobeying any of these signs, the consequences can be costly.

“Even if there isn’t an accident, if an officer is out here and observes somebody disregard a traffic control device that would be the title of the citation ‘disregard a traffic control device,’” Pena said.

The city’s traffic and engineering department say they anticipate repairs to be completed by the end of next week.