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Could Mexican fuel shortage endanger your Super Bowl guacamole?

Posted at 11:49 AM, Jan 11, 2019

The Super Bowl is three weeks from Sunday.

It could be time to start thinking about some alternative party arrangements — at least as far as the guacamole goes.

Some are fearing a guacpocalypse as a major fuel shortage in Mexico is threatening farmers’ abilities there to ship enough avocados across the border to the United States in time for the NFL’s biggest game of the year on Feb. 3.

The Mexican government-run oil company Pemex changed its distribution system last month. That switch has led to gas shortages across six Mexican states including Michoacan, the center of its avocado growing area. reports that farmers in the region are expected to ship 120,000 tons of avocadosto meet American’s growing demand for the biggest party day of the year.

Eater reports that only 27,000 tons have been shipped from Mexico so far.

During Super Bowl week alone, 100,000 tons of Mexican avocados are consumed throughout the United States, a spokesman for the Mexican Association of Avocado Producers and Exporters told CNN in 2017.

While the delivery of enough avocados to feed America’s insatiable demand for seven-layer dip and other halftime  treats might be problematic this year, the nation can take solace in one fact.

There’s always queso.