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Regular Collier Pool swimmers worried about facility’s infrastructure

Posted at 12:48 PM, Dec 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 19:21:20-05


Some year-round swimmers at Collier Pool have specific concerns about the newly reconstructed pool.

Collier Pool reopened to the public in June 2017 after getting a $2.5 million makeover. Now, some of the pool’s regular swimmers, like Theresa Casey, say there say the newly-renovated heated pool is not heating right.

“With the colder weather it just is not fun to come and get in a cold pool,” said Casey.

Casey records the pool’s temperatures daily. She says the pool’s temperatures dipped below 80 degrees 12 days this month.

“It’s just not consistent enough for everyone to enjoy their swimming,” said Casey.

But the pool’s temperatures are not the only issue. In January, swimmers approached City Council with a list of about 30 concerns. Margie Rose, the city manager at the time, responded, saying the problems were addressed or being worked on.

Ten months later, Freddy Ramirez says the issues continue as he frequently swims at the pool.

“It’s a frustration on the part of the swimming community,” he said.

Collier Pool swimmers like Ramirez say the chlorination in the pool is inconsistent. The pool deck is slippery, there is poor ventilation in the bathroom, and the bathroom heaters don’t work.

The City addressed the bathroom concerns by placing space heaters on the bathroom floor. However, swimmers say that placement is a big safety hazard because the floors get wet.

“That is not safe,” Casey said. “You come in and you have to make sure you don’t get near that heater that is plugged in.”

Collier Pool swimmers worry the problems won’t be fixed, because the pool will be closed for the holidays.

They say it’s a frustrating time after pool fees have already gone up twice this year.

“I’ve gotten to the point where I’m ready to throw my hands up and go to a private facility and swim there,” Ramirez said.

KRIS 6 spoke to a city mechanic who says the pool’s temperature has been an ongoing issue since the fall. But he says he’s been checking the pool’s temperature at least three times a day. He says that sometimes those issues could take half a day to fix.