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Coastal Bend bracing for gusty winds that could wreak havoc throughout area

Posted at 5:36 PM, Dec 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-13 19:55:01-05

Stronger winds are expected tonight. All persons in the area should be securing any loose objects around your home.

So how do area agencies prepare for conditions when winds are extreme?

When driving in high winds, the Texas Department of Transportation says you need to be prepared for a struggle and to be mindful of other drivers.

“If the wind hits like it’s forecast to hit, it can push these high profile vehicles around, especially if they’re going over bridges like the JFK Causeway or the Harbor Bridge,” said Rickey Dailey, the Texas Department of Transportation’s public information officer.

To help drivers stay prepared, TXDOT is asking the public to watch your speed and obey all traffic signs. Especially for high profile vehicles like SUVs, 18-wheelers and trucks that have trailers on the back.

If those drivers are not careful, the high gusts of winds can push those vehicles into other lanes.

TXDOT officials also say they will keeping an especially close eye for debris on the roadway.

High winds also can cause downed power lines.

Officials with American Electric Power say they have been monitoring the weather patterns for about a week.

AEP officials say if winds do get high enough, power outages might be a possibility.

“We always monitor the weather, but in something like this in Corpus Christi we’re used to the wind all the time,” said Omar Lopez, a corporate communications spokesman for AEP Texas. “But strong winds, they can sometimes cause power outages they can sometimes cause power lines to come down so if you see a down power line, please stay away from it.”

AEP also says if you do see a downed power line, please report it to them right away.