Buc-ee’s bringing technology to lessen congestion at their award-winning restrooms

Posted at 11:45 AM, Dec 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-12 12:45:29-05

The restrooms at Buc-ee’s are the stuff of legends. They are memorable enough the company even features an advertising campaign about some of them on their billboards across the state.

But it appears the company isn’t content to sit on its laurels for these award-winning places to do your business.

They are striving to get better.

Texas Monthly reported last week that Buc-ee’s will be spruced up next year with new technology with a company called Tooshlights. These will provide an easy reminder for customers whether a bathroom is open or not outside the bathroom stall.

They might not really be necessary, but Texas Monthly reports that mammoth bathrooms at Buc-ee’s locations like Katy (40 stalls) and Temple (39 stalls) probably need the innovations. Even the nearest one from Corpus Christi — 80 miles up the road in Port Lavaca — could be in line for improvements.

It’s a sign of growth in our society where LED lights are trumping the simple red “occupied” notice that used to regulate bathroom traffic.

And it’s the best way to avoid that awkward social activity of having to peek underneath a stall to see if somebody might be lurking behind the door.