Who needs free Heinz ketchup if Mahomes can get a Whataburger in Kansas City?

Posted at 1:47 PM, Nov 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-16 14:47:39-05


Kansas City and former Texas Tech Patrick Mahomes could be in line for all of the free ketchup from Heinz he wants for life if he can break an NFL record for touchdown passes.

Mahomes told Kansas City reporters that he loves the Pittsburgh-based product and puts it on a varied menu from steaks to macaroni and cheese.

But he also added that his taste of ketchup doesn’t stray too far from his old home. Heinz is good, he says. But his favorite remains Whataburger’s spicy ketchup which is a staple at the Texas-based chain.

It led Mahomes, off to a scintillating start in his second NFL season, to have a simple demand from the San Antonio-based chain.

Earlier, Heinz Ketchup, famous for its “57 varieties” in its advertising, has promised Mahomes free ketchup for life if he can continue his recent surge.

Mahomes told ESPN reporter Seth Wickersham of hislove for the condiment, even putting it on steaks.

The second-year quarterback has fired 31 touchdown passes after the Chiefs’ first 10 games, heading into their Monday night game at the Los Angeles Rams. He is chasing Peyton Manning’s NFL record of 55 touchdown passes in 2013.

Mahomes told reporters on Thursday that he’s willing to share his wealth if he wins his reward.

“I’m not opposed to it,” Mahomes said. “If it happens and I get ketchup for life, I’ll be sure to share it with some of the offensive linemen.”

He has more uses than merely steak. The former Whitehouse standout is unashamed in his various uses of Heinz’s premier product.

“I don’t think it’s that weird, but I put it on my macaroni and cheese. People seem to think that’s a weird thing,” Mahomes said. “Some people think that’s disgusting, but it’s good to me.”

Heinz has a long history of sponsoring NFL activities, particularly the Pittsburgh Steelers in their home city. It has held the naming rights of the Steelers’ home stadium, Heinz Field, since its first year of operation in 2001.