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Fact Check: Can cell phones be taken into the voting booth?

Posted at 5:48 PM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 19:35:43-04

We can take our cell phones almost any place.

And for many of us, they are constantly in use.

But are cell phones allowable at the voting booth?

Mayoral candidate Michael Hall’s campaign Facebook  had him apparently inside the voting booth, showing what appeared to be Hall’s ballot.

After question of the post surfaced, it was deleted from the page.

We obviously can take our cell phones almost everywhere. But can they go with us into the polls?

We checked and it’s a fact.

You can take your cell phone into the voting booth. You just can’t use it.

State law bans voters from using any wireless communication device within 100 feet of a polling station.

And video or sound recordings can’t be taken, either.

We captured this photo of Hall’s Facebook post before someone deleted it. It shows a ballot cast for Hall.

Hall explained to KRIS-TV what happened.

“Somebody had sent me a picture of them at the ballot box,” Hall said. “Or (rather), not a picture of them, but a picture of their ballot and I shared their picture. And apparently, people thought it was me taking the photo. It was not.”

Hall says his Facebook blew up with reminders from followers that, when it comes to voting, keep those cell phones, cameras and recording devices out of the picture.

A lesson for us all.

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