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Pothole problems popping up across the Coastal Bend

Posted at 2:27 PM, Sep 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-17 19:16:57-04

After recent heavy rains in the Coastal Bend, potholes have been popping up on city streets all across the area.

Unfortunately for many residents, many of those potholes won’t be getting fixed until the weather clears up.

The city says they’ve begun repairs and work orders on some potholes in the city, but crews will be out in full force in the upcoming days.

However, that doesn’t mean the potholes haven’t been a big nuisance for South Side neighbors near Opengate Drive.

“All of these streets have to be repaired,” said one homeowner. “They’re the worst, in my opinion, that I’ve seen around,” he added.

The homeowner, who asked KRIS 6 not to use his name, has lived on Opengate Drive for seven years. He says after a heavy rain, the potholes cover the entire road and they’ve been a big problem in the community since he’s lived there.

The homeowner also says he and other neighbors have reported the pot holes and road conditions to the city a number of times, but the problem hasn’t gone away.

“They’ve been this way all along,” the homeowner said. “They come along and repair them and the next rain they have to come back and repair again,” he added.

District 5 City Council Member, Rudy Garza, says since the rain, the city has sent contractors to look at streets in the neighborhood. However, the potholes won’t get fixed until the weather clears up.

By the way, the roads were already bad in the South Side neighborhood. Garza says contractors recently surveyed streets in that area, focusing on their pavement condition. On a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being a perfect score, several streets scored in the single digits.

If you want to report a pothole, call the city at 361-826-CITY (2489).​