Developer on court docket for violations of blowing sand on Padre Island

Posted at 9:37 PM, Jul 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 22:37:09-04

It appears the ongoing saga over blowing sand from a development on Padre Island is heading back to the Municipal Court. Back in May, KRIS 6 News reported that developer Paul Schexnailder had an upcoming deadline to change conditions at the site on Park Road 22 across from Schlitterbahn or face a hefty fine. That deadline was on July 21, 2018. Just several days later, an upcoming court docket lists nearly 80 different cases against Schexnailder over the sand nuisance.People who live nearby, like Stephanie Wesztergom, hope there will be a resolution to what they call an ongoing problem. Wesztergom spends a lot of time outdoors doing woodwork and has been dealing with the sand since complaints started in 2016. "With the incessant wind out here, it’s worse," she tells KRIS 6 News. "It blows on my home. It blows on my vehicles. One of my kids who doesn’t live with me; he has pretty bad asthma and he can’t be out here on a really windy day because he can’t breathe."After issuing more than a hundred citations, the city entered into a deferral order with Paul Schexnailder. It allowed him to plead no contest and his punishment was set as a $20,000 fine. However, it was suspended until July 20, 2018, provided he meets certain conditions. City council member Greg Smith tells us he visited the site the day after the deadline and saw no changes.A future municipal court docket for August 2, 2018, lists 79 cases against Schexnailder. The offenses are "aeolian soil" and "failure to implement temporary pollution." The violations occurred between June 15 – November 3, 2017.Wesztergom isn’t sure what’s next but hopes that the two sides can clear the air soon.  "They can fine him. Is he gonna pay it? Is he gonna be in arrears on his payments? I don’t know," she says. "I don’t know what the answer is. I wish he would’ve just done what he was supposed to do."We contacted Schexnailder but didn’t hear back from him. Meantime, the city isn’t commenting because this litigation is still pending.