Local football player taking path of priesthood

Posted at 10:08 PM, Jul 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-20 23:08:17-04

For many high school football players, playing at the collegiate level is a dream.

That was the dream for Veteran’s Memorial running back, Aaron Lugo. 

Austin College offered him a scholarship, but  Lugo felt something stronger in his heart. He felt the call to the priesthood. 

Mary Martinez, Lugo’s mother, said that he used to always talk about becoming a priest.

Lugo’s faith carried him on and off the field, he felt the need to bring the church to others.

“Aaron took a leap of faith, and began to have bible studies,” says Martinez.

With Bible studies in their home, the invitation was open to the entire football team. The first time, only one boy showed up. But, slowly over time, it turned into a mini congregation.

Lugo soon became known as Father Lugo with the football team at Veteran’s Memorial. He held prayer before every game, practice and any event.

Head Coach Cody Simper says, Lugo was a leader in the program and when he told you he would do something, he would. With his decision to follow priesthood, Lugo will begin seminary school at St. Joseph’s Seminary College in Louisiana. 

Although he will not be following the dream of a collegiate football career, he knows God’s will of the priesthood is his calling. He does, however, anticipate watching college football when the season starts.