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Corpus Christi Opoly: A fun game celebrating the Sparkling City by the Sea

Posted at 6:16 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 10:05:59-04

It’s like the game Monopoly but with a touch of Corpus Christi.

To begin, each player picks up their piece and are handed money from the bank.

This game invented from the makers of Late for The Sky themed with Corpus Christi. We caught up with a few longtime Corpus Christi residents at the Greenwood Senior Center who were able to sit down and take part in the Corpus Christi Opoly.

People who played were able to purchase properties such as the Texas State Aquarium, Whataburger Field, the Selena Memorial Statue and more.

Some of the seniors who enjoyed Corpus Christi Opoly say they like that it has locations that they heard of before and recommending others to play.

On the flip side, some who never played the game may find this slightly overwhelming. 

Another thing that this board game may not connect with Corpus Christi is the game tokens. These range from a high five, a big smile, a dog even a pretzel.

The game does have keys to the city and of course a spot for traffic. The last person standing wins, making them, the richest person in Corpus Christi.

This board game is selling fast, you can get at yours at an area Walmart.