Revitalization plans proposed for Kings Crossing clubhouse, golf course

Posted at 9:05 PM, Jun 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 22:05:59-04

There could be some major changes in the works for the Kings Crossing neighborhood on the city’s Southside.

On Monday, KRIS 6 News reported that the old clubhouse in the subdivision was being demolished. Now, we’re learning more about what could possibly replace it. 

Robert Cagle, president of the Kings Crossing Homeowners Association, says there is a proposal before homeowners to approve a project to reopen the clubhouse and golf course. Cagle says that the owner of the property, Basil Beck, first pitched the idea a few years ago.

"If we could get a partnership between the HOA, as far as providing some financing, then he would look at spending the money to revitalize the golf course," Cagle explains.

That financing would come in the form of an increase in dues for homeowners in Kings Crossings. In order to be approved, 2/3 of households in the neighborhood would have to vote in favor of the change. The additional money would grant homeowners with a social membership to the future facility. An extra fee would be required for a golf membership.

In the meantime, Cagle says the owner has already hired a team to work on the revitalization proposal. The team consists of architect Jeff Blume and Rene Rangel, CEO of Sterling Golf, the firm that would also manage the revitalized golf course.

Speaking of Beck and the development team, Cagle says, "We have done our due diligence about the people that he brought on board. They’re the real deal. I mean, they have developed golf courses. They have some really neat ideas." One of the redevelopment projects by this team was the revamped gold course at Texas A&M University in College Station.

If the project is eventually approved by homeowners, Cagle says memberships would be extended to anyone who wants to pay to join. He believes that makes it a good deal for the city as well.

"They’ll get more tax revenue out of it and they’ll get sales tax revenue when people go in and eat," Cagle says. "And I think it would add just to the quality of life on the Southside of Corpus Christi.">

Cagle also makes clear that the people of Kings Crossing are at the forefront of ongoing negotiations. 

"We’re going to be pretty tough-minded about making sure we get the best deal we can for the homeowners."

The Kings Crossing HOA is working with an attorney to make sure that the group follows the letter of the law during this lengthy process. Cagle says there are still many more negotiations to come, but the HOA plans to have a final vote on the golf course proposal by September 15.