Nueces Bay Boulevard on I-37 closed for bridge demolition

Posted at 7:11 AM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 08:11:24-04

This morning drivers are asked to find alternate routes as the overpass at Nueces Bay Boulevard on I-37 will be closed for a bridge demolition. 

The replacement project of the historic Harbor Bridge that was build in 1959 is moving along and trying to stay on schedule for completion by end of 2021. 

"This is one of many projects that we have going on our road work section. If you have been out and about, you can see the construction that is going on in relation to the Harbor Bridge project. And you probably have noticed that we had a recent traffic switch where we have moved traffic on IH-37 down into the southbound lanes. So because of that, we are getting ready to prepare work and do some construction on the northbound section of IH-37 which is now free of traffic," said Flatiron/Dragados Public Information Officer Lorette Williams. 

This morning they will start another phase of the Harbor Bridge replacement project. 

Starting at 7 a.m., motorists that travel on Nueces Bay Boulevard will need to make a few detours near Interstate 37. 

The lane closures are necessary for the demolition of the Nueces Bay Bridge, an overpass that crosses the boulevard. 

"The good news is, if you have been traveling for the past week or so on our traffic switch, you are going to continue doing that just as you have always have been.  The biggest change is going to be in the intersection of IH-37 and Nueces Bay Boulevard, that is where you are actually going to see changes," said Williams. 

"As far as the demolition process goes, it is very similar to all of the other bridges that we have demoed thus far. We have had demolitions onComanche Street, Staple Street Bridge, so it will run very similar to those demolitions. Basically the contractors move in and bring equipment that will actually crunch down on the concrete and begin the demolition process," said Williams. 

Northbound and southbound lanes of Nueces Bay Boulevard will be reduced to one lane as drivers approach the intersection. Frontage roads will remain open, and detours will be in place.