New initiative hopes to make roads safer for bicyclists, drivers alike

Posted at 12:10 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 13:10:40-04

The biking community in Corpus Christi has something new to look forward to. The city is introducing an initiative called the Bike Boulevard Wayfinding Initiative. It helps bicyclists get to their destinations a little safer. Plus, it gives drivers notice that the road is being shared with bicyclists.

The initiative is making traveling safer for motorists and bicyclists alike by adding signage and pavement markings. Wayne Eden, an avid biker and owner of Bay Area Bicycles, says he doesn’t always feel safe when riding on city streets.

"It’s kind of hairy. I’m not going to kid ya," Eden said. "It’s scary to ride in skinny little lanes like that," he added.

The same is true for Lucas Smith, another local bicyclist.

"I honestly feel pretty unsafe when I’m riding most of the time anywhere in Corpus," Smith said.

However the two say the Bike Boulevard Wayfinding Initiative may ease some of their worries. Part of the initiative is incorporating new pavement markings and signage on what are called ‘bike boulevards.’ The new markings will be installed on up to 30 miles of city streets, and will be easily seen by all motorists and bicyclists — making for a safer travel for everyone.

"If there’s signage, and people get used to seeing cyclists in a certain area, then it will help for sure," Eden said.

For bicyclists like Eden and Lucas, it’s also a better peace of mind when biking on the roadway.

"It plants the seed in motorist’s minds that there are people sharing the road with them," Eden said.

"I just think it’s really great the city is looking out for us bikers," Smith said. "I think it’s a great idea and it could definitely save some lives," he added.

The project could cost nearly $523,000. TxDot will cover 80% of the cost, meanwhile the city will cover 20%. Work is expected to begin in March 2019.

Many of the proposed signage locations run along Ocean Drive, Ennis Joslin and in the surrounding area.