Notorious ‘Crosstown Canal’ area floods during heavy rains

Posted at 8:42 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 21:42:02-04

An area in Corpus Christi that has a history of flooding was causing headaches for nearby neighbors and businesses on Wednesday morning. The recent heavy rain dumped several inches of rain on the Crosstown and South Port Avenue intersection. The turn-around is what many residents say floods when it rains.

Wednesday morning, cars could be seen driving through the high flood water, as well as drivers getting stuck and having to push their vehicle out.

Lupita Rodriguez works at Los Altos Mexican Restaurant which sits near the intersection. She says the flooded site is common every time a heavy rain sweeps through the area. Despite the delays, she still has to get to work.

"When we were driving in the morning, there was like a lot of water," Lupita said. "I was really scared."

Lupita says because it floods often, she’s familiar with the problems heavy rains bring too.

"Right here in the corner [of the intersection], most of the time it gets like really rainy," Lupita said. "And people get their cars stuck."

The rain also affected business at the restaurant. They opened two hours late because staff had to wait for the flood water to go down before they could get to work.? Plus the rain and flooding made for a slow business day, but it didn’t stop regulars like Henry Gomez from stopping by. Henry, who lives nearby, also says he’s used to the flooding problems at the intersection.

"High water? All the time when it’s raining like that," Gomez said.

But Henry, like many others, hopes the city can provide some answers.  

"Maybe it’s the drain," Gomez said. "Probably — it’s not good?"

KRIS 6 called the city to get any information about the drainage in that area. We are waiting to hear back.