Residents not worried about rising Oso Creek waters

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 19:39:20-04

Waters are rising along Oso Creek.

On Wednesday, creek levels were measured at 22.2 feet, which is more than two feet above flood stage.

Officials call that moderate flooding, but the water loOKs noticeably different than it had before the rain.

“Just last week it was two feet below the banks, now it’s completely over,
“ said Ernesto Ramirez.  “Way over.”

Ramirez works construction at one of the many projects near the creek.  He says the rain has made work virtually impossible.

“We’ve gotten quite a bit of rain, quite a bit,” said Ramirez.  “Right here at this area, we can’t get down there because it’s all under water.”

Meanwhile, residents of nearby Kings Crossing, like Tony Diaz and his wife, have mixed reactions to the rain.

“It’s an answer to our prayers,” said Diaz.  “We’ve been praying and praying every day for rain, not all at one time, but we welcome it.”

The Diaz’s home sits on what used to be the 18th hole of the Kings Crossing Country Club, but today the backyard looks more like a water hazard.

Despite the rain, Diaz says he’s not worried about the water reaching his home.

“The level of the rain and the water would have to rise another 10-12 feet before the water gets into our house,” said Diaz.

Diaz says he’s more worried, about the animals that roam the golf course.  In fact, he says he and his neighbors want even more rain to fall.

“We’re ok, we’re still praying for some more rain,” said Diaz. “We’re going to keep on praying, we need the rain.”