West Guth Park visitors upset with trash, park upkeep

Posted at 7:37 PM, Jun 15, 2018

People who visit West Guth Park say they’re upset about what they see. Visitors say trash and other items line the park, and it has even found its way to the water at the pond.

Cynthia Madrigual lives near West Guth Park, and enjoys running there at least a few times a week. But lately, her and other park visitors haven’t been enjoying what they see.

"It’s a nice park," Cynthia said. "The only thing is, I’m sorry about the trash."

Often times, you can find Cynthia picking up trash along the park’s trails. She says she’s just doing her part in helping keep the park clean.  

"I do love the environment. I love being outside," Cynthia said. "And so it makes me kind of upset."?

Park visitors like Cynthia are especially concerned because the trash has begun to collect in the park’s pond. Water bottles, cans, wrappers and even a dead bird can be seen in the corner of the pond.

Cynthia says the site hasn’t changed much since she moved to the area in 2013. But she believes it starts with the community taking care of their environment, first.

"We need to come together as a community if we are using it [the park]," Cynthia said. "Just pick up after yourself please."

KRIS 6 spoke to a city worker at the park who says the park is cleaned at least once every seven days. KRIS 6 also put in a call to the city. We are still waiting to hear back.