CCIA: United Airlines brings in larger jet, improving air service

Posted at 11:50 AM, Jun 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 12:50:28-04

The Corpus Christi International Airport has a few more options for travelers this summer season.? United Airlines is now offering additional seating in a larger aircraft.

According to CCIA, the larger plan can hold about 120 people on average, significantly larger than the other aircrafts that carry about 76 passengers.

Kim Bridger Hunt, the marketing manager at CCIA, says the 30% increase in seating will be offered by United Airlines through August. It’s part the airline’s effort to add more capacity during the busy months.

"It shows that United really has a lot of new confidence in this market," Kim said.?

The airline began offering an additional 1,600 seats in April 2018. Kim says each of those seats were filled. Now United’s plan to add more seats has gotten bigger, with the addition of a 737 jet.

"They see something happening here," Kim said. "And they want to test the waters to see, if in fact, if they offer those seats, if people will fill them up."

The newest plane began operating last week. We’re told the first flight was completely full. CCIA also says United Airlines is adding additional flights this summer as well.?