Southside residents frustrated with rash of vehicle break-ins

Posted at 9:28 PM, Jun 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-06 22:28:13-04

People in one Southside neighborhood are fed up with thieves targeting their vehicles. A rash of break-ins happened at their homes last week. Now, they’re working together to get the criminals caught.

The last thing Jay Sanchez expected to be at his home was a victim. Unfortunately, that’s what happened last Friday, when he says his truck was broken into and ransacked.

"It’s a bad feeling to know that you can’t have anything in your neighborhood without it being disturbed," Sanchez tells KRIS 6 News.
He also says it happened to at least two of his neighbors in the Middlecoff area. Sanchez says some loose change was the only thing taken from his truck but the other victims weren’t as lucky. They had hundreds of dollars in cash and other property stolen from them.

Soon after the break-ins happened, Sanchez went to the Next Door app to tell others what happened. His post was followed by several replies from people who lived within a few blocks, saying the same thing happened to them.

These neighbors now hope the power of social media will lead to an arrest. 

Describing their efforts, Sanchez says, "There’s a couple of pictures on there of kids breaking into vehicles that someone captured and so we’re sharing that. Now, we’ve banded together a little bit more so the silver lining is we’re in communication more."

Sanchez says he’s filed reports with CCPD. He encourages other victims who haven’t done that to do the same. In the meantime, he’s hoping his neighbors and others will remain vigilant until an arrest is made.

"Just lock your doors. Lock your car doors, your front doors. Keep your garage doors closed. Keep some lights on," Sanchez advises.
CCPD wasn’t available to comment on these specific crimes Wednesday. However, according to data on, more than a dozen reports for theft from a vehicle have been filed in that area just since May 28.