Memorial Day: Honoring those who gave their all

Posted at 4:41 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-28 17:41:09-04

A ceremony to honor the memories of those who gave their lives defending our nation was held this morning at Sherrill Park.

Veterans saluted the flag while the band played. The names of the fallen were read and their pictures displayed.

"We have to honor those over there. Those who were killed and those who were captured," said veteran Tony Acevedo.

Acevedo was drafted into the Army and served in Vietnam. Now, part of the color guard and Veterans Band of Corpus Christi, he visits the schools.

"All them little kids are waving their flags and singing America the Beautiful," said Acevedo.

That’s the kind of support he values more then words, people showing up and showing thanks.

Acevedo says veterans and active military experience Memorial Day differently than people who haven’t served.

"A parent, a mother or a father that their son never came back, and you come up to them and say ‘Happy Memorial Day’ well how are they going to take that?" Acevedo said.

He says this is not a day about thanking veterans for their service, but remembering those who died for the country.

"Honoring veterans, that’s the logo on our hats and we honor our veterans ’cause if we don’t who will?" said Acevedo.