Fundraiser from Jonathan McComb nets $15K for hospital trauma center

Posted at 9:37 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 22:37:43-04

Thursday will mark three years since the historic floods in Wimberley that killed 12 people. Eight of the victims were from Corpus Christi. The lone local survivor continues to honor the memories of the loved ones he lost by giving back to our community. 

Jonathan McComb hosts a fishing tournament fundraiser every year to thank the community for its support during his toughest time. This year, he decided to give to a facility that does the kind of work that helped save his life.

McComb says finding special ways to honor the lives of his wife, two young children and family friends helps him deal with the tragedy. That’s one of the goals of the Randy Charba Classic. Charba — along with his wife, son, and in-laws — also died in the Wimberley floods.

"Every dollar that we raise, it goes back out into the community. but it’s a good way for us to give back and honor him and remember him," McComb explains.

For the third annual event, $15,000 was raised for the Trauma Center at Spohn Shoreline which, after renovations, will remember the Wimberley flood victims.

McComb tells KRIS 6 News, "The Trauma O.R. at Spohn Shoreline, with all the construction and everything, is going to be named the Carey Charba McComb Trauma OR."
The donation also happens to come during EMS Appreciation Week. Trauma teams say, without the efforts of those workers, their jobs wouldn’t be possible.

"They’re the ones who go through all the — literally — the muck, the water, the grass, the wood … get you all nice and neatly packaged up for us and alive so they can bring them to us and do the rest," said Dr. Osbert Blow, Trauma Medical Director for Spohn Shoreline.

McComb also notes how the efforts of trauma center personnel helped save his life. 

"That’s where I wound up when I came out of [Wimberley] was in a trauma OR, and we need one here and it’s an honor to have the name."