Next steps for Corpus Christi after city manager’s resignation

Posted at 4:23 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 17:23:16-04

The City of Corpus Christi is searching for a new city manager. After less than two years on the job, Margie Rose resigned from that position, effective today.

"I hereby offer my resignation, effective Wednesday. May 16th, 2018," Rose said in Council chambers Tuesday night.

Right now Assistant City Manager Keith Selman is filling in as the Interim City Manager, as the search begins for someone to permanently fill the role. 

"We’re going to be looking for a high level, chief executive officer," Debbie Lindsey-Opel, At-Large City Council Member, said. 

"We’re going to make sure we try to do the best we can to find the right person for Corpus Christi," Mayor Joe McComb added. 

An experienced city manager will likely be found by a search firm hired by the city, according to Lindsey-Opel, who has seen this process play out before. 

"Basically if you find those firms that work and specialize as a city manager search firm, they are already have a data base of high talent city managers they can reach out to," she said. 

Candidates for the job will come from all over the country.

"City managers come either from smaller communities where they’ve been city managers, sometimes they are in a really large community, they may be an assistant city manager, or high level executive within a large community. Sometimes they come with totally different experience," Lindsey-Opel said.

"Corpus Christi’s on the verge of just unbelievable growth in the next 5 to 10 years," Mayor McComb said.

However, the new city manager will also be tasked with tackling Corpus Christi’s ongoing challenges, challenges that previous city managers say go with the territory.

"There’s a lot of different issues going on, and that goes on in all communities," Rose told media Tuesday night. 

The search for a new city manager is expected to be done within six months or less.