South Texans react to higher prices at the pump

Posted at 5:20 AM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 06:20:46-04

Corpus Christi – President Trump announced the U.S. is reimposing economic sanctions against Iran last week, and since, gas prices have increased significantly.

KRIS 6 News spoke with drivers who said, even months before these sanctions will take effect, they are considering trading in their vehicles for more fuel efficient cars if these prices stick around.

“From 99 cents when I was a kid, it’s increased a lot,” one customer said.

While local economic experts said this could mean a positive future oil boom for South Texas, many drivers said these prices are making it difficult to make ends meet.

“I travel every week to the valley. I work here, but live in the valley, so for me, it’s more expensive. Last month I paid $320 and this month I’ve paid about $400,” another customer said. 

Others are considering trading in their vehicles for something more fuel efficient.

“I used to pay around $250 and now it went up almost double.”

Some South Texans said they’re making lifestyle changes just to survive the skyrocket in prices.

“It changes the home income. You’ve gotta watch what you do, what you spend your money on, or say, ‘Hey, I gotta put in gas for the week.’ It just changes a lot of things in life.”

Many people say they are wondering if they will be able to stick to their summer travel plans.

“This is what people get worried about… whether or not they’re going on vacation. Do we cancel vacation and just stay at home? That’s the problem.”

Experts said the best way to cut back on fuel costs is by carpooling and performing routine maintenance on your vehicle.