CCPD Dive team pulls truck out of Packery Channel

Posted at 12:26 PM, Apr 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-15 13:26:40-04

It was a busy day for the Corpus Christi Dive Team as they recovered their second vehicle from the Packery Channel in less than a month.

Capt. Dave Cook says,"This is something we consistently deal with every year, where I think we had seven or eight last year we pulled out."

Capt. Cook says the black Dodge truck drove into the Packery Channel Saturday but crews had to wait until Sunday morning because of weather conditions.

Capt. Cook says there have been several dive recoveries in the Packery Channel this month and he says there seems to be a common factor.

"People drink and get drunk and drive too fast on the beach, and they’re not familiar with the area, and what happened here is they were driving down the beach fairly fast, and they went up over the top of the dune and off the dune and launched," Capt. Cook said

"They have enough momentum they certainly make it up over the rocks and into the water," Capt. Cook continued.

Cook wants to remind the public that this is a favorite hangout for families and fisherman and asks that beach-goers act responsibly.

"There’s a lot of pedestrians and a lot of people on the beach, and people need to be driving with caution at a maximum of fifteen miles per hour," Cook advised.