Non-profit mentors local fatherless children

Posted at 3:26 PM, Apr 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-14 16:26:34-04

One local non-profit is partnering with a Flour Bluff church to give guidance and support to children without fathers at home.

The Tide Changer program at Real Life Church partners with Majesty Outdoors to foster one-on-one friendships between men and fatherless children in the community.

Brandon Swank of Real Life Church said "fatherless" can be defined in many ways.

"Maybe their dad is in the military on deployment. Maybe their dad is out of town working in the oil field or something like that, so all we try to do is fill in that gap," Swank said.

The mentorship program hosts several outings a month, and this weekend the group headed to Nichols Guns.

"They’re going to teach the un-fathered youth of our community how to properly and safely operate firearms," Jonathon Garza said.

Several elementary and middle school-aged children were taught to shoot handguns and rifles with the help of an individual mentor.

Swank said knowledge of how to operate firearms will help children properly assess a potentially dangerous situation.

"That way if they ever see a gun where it’s not supposed to be, they understand that it can hurt you and they need to go let someone know, and not to touch it. Just leave it alone," Swank said.