New Jersey family makes trip to go to Fiesta de la Flor

Posted at 12:22 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 13:22:12-04

Thousands of visitors from around the country and even the world travel to Corpus Christi around this time of year to honor the Tejano star, Selena. One family who arrived on Thursday, traveled from New Jersey, to take part in some of the fun at Fiesta de la Flor.

Cristina Rosado and her family made the trip of more than 1,500 miles to go to this weekend’s event. She said her family listened to Selena songs during the trip down.

"She’s an inspiration," said Cristina Rosado. "I grew up listening to her, and I just love her."

That love for Selena has brought Rosado and her husband back to Fiesta de la Flor for the third time. In years past, it’s been just the two of them. This year, it’s a family affair.

They brought their son, Hendrix, and their daughter, Amber, who are also big Selena fans. For those two, it was their first trip to Corpus Christi, and first time seeing the Selena statue.

"It’s nice, it’s mesmerizing, I love it," Amber Rosado said as she looked at the statue.

The Rosado family says in New Jersey, Selena fans are hard to come by. That’s why they’re especially excited to share their love for Selena with thousands of other fans from around the world.?

"The community all coming together for the event is going to be spectacular," Amber Rosado said. "We don’t really have anything that brings people like that together in Jersey, so it’s definitely a whole different world here."

The Rosado family adds, making memories with one another at Fiesta de la Flor is just the beginning of a family tradition they hope to continue in the future.

"I wish that my son could have a role model like I had growing up," Cristina Rosado said. "So she just really means a lot to our family."