Winter Texans help rebuild after Hurricane Harvey

Posted at 10:12 PM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-09 23:12:41-04

When you look at areas that are still struggling months after Hurricane Harvey, it’s easy to feel disillusioned.

But before you go down that path, we want you to meet a group of stand-up people, who make you feel good about this community.

They’re winter Texans and little by little, they’re making a big difference.

Meet Joe and Frieda Nichols, who are both winter Texans. They’re only in South Texas part of the year. But they were devastated when they saw all the damage hurricane Harvey caused.

And like most of their neighbors, at the Blue Lagoons RV Resort in Rockport, Joe and Frieda did something about it. Joe Nichols, a winter Texas, says,"I said I was going to come down here to fish. I wasn’t going to get involved. That lasted a week."

Instead of waiting for contractors, this group of 100 or so people have also rebuilt the fence and pier at the RV park where they live.

They’ve also cooked meals for victims, made quilts to keep them warm, and they do it for one reason. "This is home. We fell in love with the town, and we fell in love with the people."

And that love will keep Joe and his neighbors committed to relief efforts for a long time.