CCPD rolls out new parking enforcement patrol cars

Posted at 7:06 PM, Apr 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 20:06:06-04

The newest tool for Corpus Christi Police Department’s parking enforcement efforts is a tiny car.

“These drive very well, there’s still a compact car so it’s allowed to get in these tight spaces when trying to find parking,” says Operations Manager Berardo Cantu.

The Police Department has bought four Chevy Sparks. They’re small cars, but they’re making a big difference.

“I like it. It keeps us out of the elements. The hot, the cold, the rain, now recently, the snow, “ says Parking Patrol Officer Carlos Serna.

Friday, the first of four cars hit the streets. Until now, parking patrol officers have been using a golf cart like vehicle they call a Mule.

But the Mule doesn’t offer much protection from the elements. It’s similar to a golf cart. It only goes about 25 miles an hour so by switching to the Chevy Spark, officers are not only protected from Mother Nature, but they’ll be able to reach their full patrol area all over town.

“Besides doing the uptown and downtown area, it gives us the capability for the officer to go to North Beach and enforce over there easier and well as other areas in the neighborhoods,” said Cantu.

Another plus for the parking patrol is the new Chevy’s blend in with other vehicles and aren’t as easy to spot.

The other three Chevy’s hit the road next week.