Students aim to make Veterans Memorial HS more safe

Posted at 5:45 AM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 06:45:09-04

After recent devastating events happening in schools across the country, a few students wanted to make changes to make Veterans Memorial High School a safer place. 

A student run club was formed known as the Student Safety Forum.

The club made surveys to give to students to see how they feel about school safety and what they think can be done about it. 

Andrew Leeton, student ambassador for the Student Safety Forum says, “when we found out that they wanted the safety bags, we decided to launch a fundraiser to raise money for these safety bags.”

Right away, the Student Safety Forum found a simple backpack that carries all emergency items that any classroom will need in an emergency.

Veterans Memorial teacher Scott Walker, says even as time goes on if there’s certain items they want to add or take away, then they will do that.

He also says each backpack will be provided to 120 classrooms, they just need help raising the funds for more backpacks. 

Each of these safety supply backpacks come with gloves, a crowbar, purified water, orange neon vest, first aid essentials, batteries, and more.

Veterans would like to have all backpacks by the end of the school year, they estimate $5,000 to cover the cost for all classrooms.

The backpacks are just one idea that was made to the club, the school has also started regular bag checks, locking all doors by 9 am, and they will also be holding a free self defense class for all Veterans Memorial students, staff and administration on April 25th.

Veterans Memorial Principal, Kimberley James, says there had been an administration effort but it has been the voice of the students that have made the school be so proactive. She just wants all students and staff to feel as safe as possible.

“Our students here, they want something done and if they want something done they’re going to do something about it,” says Leeton. 

To help get more backpack supply kits to Veterans Memorial HS, you can go here and donate.