Corpus Christi Animal Care looking to find ‘Furever’ homes

Posted at 4:38 PM, Apr 04, 2018

Corpus Christi Animal Care Services has adopted out 34 dogs since Easter weekend.

While they were open Friday and Saturday, not many people adopted pets since many people were focused on spending the weekend with family.

So, while most people were hunting for eggs or attending a family event, volunteers at the Animal Care Center were posting pictures of all the dogs on social media, calling and e-mailing rescue partners like the Gulf Coast Humane Society and the PeeWee’s Pet Adoption, trying to get the word out to adopt the dogs before they were scheduled to be put down.

Danni Alcantara is a Kennel Master at the Animal Care Center, and knows how hard everyone worked to make sure all the animals found good homes.

“Our volunteers came in and they’re like ‘Okay. We’ve got pictures, I think, of everybody. We’ve got everybody up on social media. Is there anybody we missed?’ Just because we want to do everything we can to get them (adopted),” Alcantara said.

While volunteers and animal care workers are relieved 34 dogs were adopted, they now have more than 70 dogs that need a good home.

If you’re interested in adopting a dog, you can go to the Corpus Christi Animal Care Services page. CCACS volunteers also post pictures of dogs up for adoption at Focus on Furever.