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15 contestants vying for a chance to become Freer Rattler royalty

Posted at 2:21 AM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 13:20:04-04

Over in Freer, Texas, the ever popular rattlesnake round-up is only a few weeks away, and Sunday night, the town crowned a new king and queen in the 53rd annual Freer Rattler Royalty Pageant.

Freer is the home of the annual "Rattlesnake Round-up." 

Alyssa Morin, who won Miss Freer 2017, said" "Freer is a small community but were very known for the round up a lot of snakes."

Sunday evening, 15 contestants were vying for the chance to become Freer Rattler royalty.

The winners proudly get to represent their hometown in parades and events all over Texas.

Josie Fernandez, a mother of a former Freer Royalty, said," It’s such great honor to represent the city of Freer." Fernandez continued, "we love and live in Freer, and these kids are out to represent us in anything they do."