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6 Investigates Follow-Up: ‘Deepest apologies’ but no FEMA trailer

Posted at 9:20 PM, Feb 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 13:15:14-04

You may remember Tabatha Castro, she’s the Rockport widow that was approved for a temporary home by FEMA then denied at the last second.

We first told you about Castro around two weeks ago, when she told 6 Investigates that FEMA had promised her a trailer to live in but just before she and her children could move in, rescinded its offer. The agency said Castro didn’t qualify, even though it had previously approved her.

We’ve continued to follow Castro’s story since then and unfortunately, not much has changed.

She’s still living with her dad, that means six people in a two bedroom household and FEMA still can’t explain why they put her in this position. Instead, they’ve sent apologies and reiterated that she doesn’t qualify for the program even though they had originally said otherwise.

Now, Castro has received $1,400 from FEMA for home repairs. There’s a glaring problem, however, she doesn’t have a home.

As always, there’s more to this story, here’s the latest:

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