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FACT CHECK: Is TWIA closing claims that shouldn’t be closed?

Posted at 4:50 PM, Oct 19, 2017
and last updated 2018-07-30 13:16:27-04

As of this week, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, or "TWIA," has received a little more than 86,000 Hurricane Harvey-related claims.

And, as the insurer-of-last-resort for property owners in Texas’ 14 coastal counties, thousands of us depend on TWIA to properly manage our claims.

And yet, many policyholders tell us their claims are being closed too early.

So, our Fact Check team asks: Is TWIA closing claims that still require attention?

We did some digging and rate this as a "Fact":  TWIA is closing claims but, Jennifer Armstrong, TWIA’s VP of Legislative Affairs and Communications, tells us policyholders should not interpret that as the final word.

"We close claims in our system when we believe we’ve paid what we owe, based on the information we have at that time."

She says that policyholders who want TWIA to take another look at their claim, should not hesitate to ask.

"We encourage policyholders to give us that information so that we can review it and issue supplemental payments that are due under the policy."

From there, a policyholder can dispute a claim.

The Texas Department of Insurance recently extended the deadline for disputing a claim from 60- to 120-days from the date on your claim disposition letter.

But, there are specific steps to take, and a process to follow.  Follow this link for more information: