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The National Cowboy Museum Put Their Head Of Security In Charge Of Their Twitter, And His Tweets Are So Endearing

The National Cowboy Museum Put Their Head Of Security In Charge Of Their Twitter, And His Tweets Are So Endearing
Posted at 11:05 AM, Mar 30, 2020

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have had to make major adjustments to our work situations. While the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Okla. is closed to stop the spread of the infection, Tim Send, their head of security, has found himself with additional responsibilities. He is now in charge of the museum’s Twitter account, and people have fallen in love with his wholesome online persona.

Prior to taking on this role, Send admits that he’s not that well-versed in technology or social media. However, he has embraced his duties with enthusiasm.

On March 17, he sent out his first tweet on behalf of the museum and introduced himself to the Twitterverse:

“Hello, my name is Tim and I am the head of security for The Cowboy,” he wrote alongside a smiling photo of himself. “I have been asked to take on the additional duty of social media management while the museum is closed. I’m new to this but excited. My team will continue to protect and monitor the museum. Thanks, Tim Send.”

After a day on the job, the social media novice asked the museum’s followers for some guidance on using Twitter:

“Twitter tips, please,” he wrote.

A few minutes later, he announced that he meant to Google that query:

People were charmed by his wholesome mistake, and by his feed in general:

“Wait a minute — this means Tim says ‘please’ when googling,” replied @jasonmicahross. “You’ve taught us all a valuable lesson about cowboy politeness, Tim. Thank you!”


@wynblynknod got a good laugh out of it as well:

He’s also apparently getting Internet advice from his grandson, Lucas, and someone named Keira, to whom he sometimes refers in his tweets.

Despite his stumbles, Send is definitely getting the hang of it has shared some interesting tidbits about the museum.

On March 19, he tweeted this photo John Wayne’s costume from 1969’s “True Grit” and tried his hand at hashtags in the process:

Here’s a post in which he asks a question, because “Seth in marketing” told him it was a good way of getting engagement.

On March 24, he shared an image of a Remington painting on display at the museum:

He also seems to have a good sense of humor, giving funny commentary about social distancing and the museum’s exhibits while providing plenty of puns, like this one about how he got “roped into” doing the social media for the museum.

In this one, he explains why he’s the perfect person to work at the museum: “I love the Old West and here I can be a part of it.”

On March 27, he noted that it looked like rain and joked that he was glad that the Honeymoon at Crow Fair sculpture pictured, in which a man on a horse is holding an umbrella, looked prepared:

Too funny! Follow @ncwhm on Twitter if you want to enjoy all his courteous and fun posts. We think he’s doing a great job and can’t wait for more updates.

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