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So exactly when do the Black Friday sales begin this year?

Black Friday won't be the same this year
Posted at 10:15 AM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-03 11:22:07-05

The pandemic has transformed Black Friday sales.

Instead of Thanksgiving Night, some sales start this week!

And with no big sales on Thanksgiving night this year, November will be a whole month of Black Friday sales.

Which sounds great, but exactly when exactly do the Black Friday sales start?

Now, major stores are spreading out their deals over the whole month.

Walmart has "deals for days,” with new sales over six days during November.

Best Buy started its Black Friday sales even before the trick or treaters went out.

Best Buy's biggest sale will launch Nov. 16 for members, Nov. 22 for the public.

And Target has Black Friday deals all month, with new deals each week.

So from the Doesn't that stink file is not knowing when to shop.

It's no longer as simple as lining up on Thanksgiving night with dozens of retailers staying shut on Turkey Day this year.

Kristin McGrath of says buy when the item you want shows up on sale.

Then, if they lower the price around Thanksgiving, ask for an adjustment.

"If you buy something early and the retailer drops the price later, they will match that lower price.” McGrath says.That way you don’t overpay during this month of Black Fridays.

Bottom line: start your searching for what you want now. Don't wait until Thanksgiving week, so you don’t waste your money.