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DWYM: Watch out for these bogus Microsoft anti-virus warnings

Watch out for these strange emails asking for a renewal of your Microsoft Windows Defender account
Posted at 6:53 AM, Oct 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-26 07:54:30-04

Here's a warning about a strange email you might have received.

Telling you it is time to renew your Microsoft account.

David Anderson was putting up his fall decorations when something spookier than any ghost showed up in his email account.

"It was a Windows Defender order," he said. "An invoice for a one-year subscription to Microsoft Windows Defender."

He knew that was Microsoft's anti-virus program, but it was the price of the subscription that threw him for a loop.

"I was being charged $300 something dollars," he said.

Now sure, we have all gotten junk emails.

But when one says it is from Microsoft, you might pay attention.

And when it says subscription renewal, you might really pay attention

"Oh yes, very easily, it looks very legit!" he said.

Windows is warning that this is not legitimate, nor is one claiming to renew Office 365.

All of these ask for your login information, which can then be used to access your credit or debit card.

Another asks for your Paypal account.

Anderson says that's one trick no one needs to fall for.

Remember: Microsoft does not charge for any windows update or renewal, especially for hundreds of dollars.